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The District No. 95 community strives to provide optimal educational opportunities for all of our children.  It is our mission to prepare our students to become confident, self-assured, life-long learners.  It is our goal to ensure their success as citizens of the world.

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S.E. Gross Middle School

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Summer Math Packet

Please follow the link below for SEG summer math packets for the 2018-2019 school year.  On the last day all future 7th and 8th graders were given a copy of their packet.  All future 6th graders receive their packet in the mail with their schedule in July.  If you need assistance please contact the main office. 



SEG Student Mail 5/18/18

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

SEG Student Mail 5/14/18

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

SEG Student Mail 5/4/18

Happy Friday everyone!  Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail.  Continue to keep your eyes on school calendar; there are so many upcoming events like Open House on Wednesday!

Beginning Monday SEG celebrates Teacher Appreciation Week.  At the same time it is a week full of fantastic events for our students that couldn’t happen without the wonderfully dedicated individuals who put on these events!  93 eighth grade students will be heading to Washington D.C. with our phenomenally committed staff for four days!  Another 120 seventh grade students will be in Springfield on Friday under the caring guidance of their teachers!  The time and dedication the staff of S.E. Gross Middle School is unrivaled, going above the ordinary to give our students extraordinary opportunities.  I encourage you to have your child take a moment to write a brief positive note to a teacher for next week.  Feel free to write one yourself as well!  We appreciate your support in the community, in person and on social media!  Thank you in advance for taking the time to help produce a moment of positivity in someone’s life!

SEG Student Mail 4/27/18

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

Remember that Project NICE is tomorrow at Ehlert Park at 8:30am.  See you there!

Elective request forms will go out in paper copy with students on Monday.  They are due the following Monday, May 7th for future 7th and 8th grade students. 

SEG Student Mail 4/20/18

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Please remember that Project NICE is NEXT SATURDAY, April 28th, at Ehlert Park!  We would love to see many of our students coming out to support the community at this event.  Students do not need permission slips this year, they simply need to let their social studies teacher know they are coming so we can plan for how many students will be there.  A shovel and/or rake are the best tools for the tasks that will be occurring at the park.  Please have your student bring one.  If you do not have one there will be plenty to share!  Drop off is at 8:20am near the Shields Ave. firehouse parking lot.  More specific details are included in weekly email.  See you there!

Keep your eyes on the calendar, there are SO many awesome events occurring in our final 5 weeks of the school year!

SEG Student Mail 4/13/18

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

Happy Spring Fling Dance Friday everyone!

We look forward to an awesome Spring Fling dance tonight for our Warrior Nation!  The doors open at 6:30pm and the dance ends at 8:30pm.  When picking up please know the parking lot is very congested and you might want to talk with your child about pickup on Broadway and/or carpooling.  Thank you to the PTO for putting on so many great events this year! 

Students did very well this week taking their PARCC exams.  We asked the students to try their hardest and we believe that occurred.  The 6th graders were able to earn a special event day later in the year and 7th and 8th grade will now be allowed to have cellphone usage during their lunch periods as they have in years past.  Makeups for those that were absent will begin next week.  Good job Warriors!

Continue to keep an eye on the school calendars each week!  There are many things happening here at SEG in our final two months! 

SEG Student Mail 4/6/18

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Once again, today’s email download has quite a bit of information.  7th grade parents please pay attention to the letter from Riverside Brookfield High School that talks about placement criteria, which will impact the 7th grade student’s placements when they attend RBHS in 2019-2020 as Freshman.  RBHS has stated they would now like to also use 7th grade PARCC scores as one of their placement criteria.  They will look at other criteria as well, but this is a change from in the past.  We will work with RBHS once PARCC is no longer the state mandated test (2018-2019) to see what they will use in the future. 

PARCC tests will be administered on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of next week.  We look forward to our students working diligently on this state mandated assessment.  Please remember that the state does not allow districts to put opt out procedures in place.  All students must be presented the PARCC test.

We hope many students can join us on April 28th at the Project NICE event at Ehlert Park in Brookfield!  This is a great way for students to be rooted in service!  Please think about carving out some time in their schedule to let them give back to the community!  Also at Ehlert Park, on the 14th, will be the first ever PTO Color Run!  We hope you can join in this fun event! 

Now that we are back from Spring Break the students are in a mad dash until the end of the year!  There are so many awesome events planned for the students!  We hope you can join us on many of them!  Keep your eyes on the calendars! 

SEG Student Mail 3/23/18

Happy Spring Break Friday everyone!

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

A few notes:

Please make sure to pay attention to the school calendars in the next few week’s emails.  The last few months are nonstop with school events! 

Today your student is coming home with their third quarter report card.  Also, in the packet are their 2016-2017 PARCC exam results.  In today’s email is a letter from Dr. Kuzniewski about the PARCC exam.  Please remember that our next administration of this exam will be on April 10, 11, 12.  This will be the last year of the PARCC exam as the State Board of Education has decided to move away from it as our state’s standardized assessment. 

Please remember to return your student’s signed manila report card envelope to their homeroom teacher on the Tuesday we return. 

Students will be going through Erin’s Law training, which is state mandated in the next few weeks in health class.  Please see the letter in today’s email from our school social worker Caitlin Morris. 

Project NICE is right around the corner as well!  If you and your student want to participate there is information in today’s packet of information.  The school has signed a group waiver this year so there is no need for individual signed waivers as in the past. 

SEG Student Mail 3/16/18

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

SEG Student Mail 3/2/18

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

Graduation Letter

Graduation will be Monday, May 21st at 7:00pm. 

Click HERE for additional information on Graduation.

SEG Student Mail 2/23/18

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

SEG Student Mail 2/2/18

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

SEG Student Mail 1/26/2018

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Access for All: 6th Grade Parents


Click for the Access for All Handbook

Click for the Access for All Parent Signature Page

District 95 is embarking on an era of new technology for all of our students so that we may use it to enhance the great learning that is already taking place in the classroom. With that, on Monday every 6th grade student will be assigned his or her own Chromebook device. This device is a great responsibility for our students and we know that they will fully embrace the opportunity and take great care with these district owned devices. As these are district owned devices they will remain at school each day. Students have the ability to access all of their Google Suite apps such as Mail, Drive, and Documents via any home device that is internet capable. They currently use the Google Suite in their classes. Additionally, our computer lab is open from 3:00 - 3:45 Monday - Thursday for students to work on computers.

(Click the heading Acces for All above for more information.)

2018/2019 New Student Enrollment (Click Here)




for New Students: Kindergarten through 8th Grade

(This is not for Returning Students)


This enrollment is for any new student to District 95

School Year:  August 20, 2018 to June 7, 2019.


SEG Student Mail 1/19/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

SEG Spirit Wear

Please support the student council and SEG by purchasing some SEG spirit wear!  Students and parents are encouraged to support the school by purchasing and wearing these items.  All items were selected by the SEG student council!  All orders are submitted online. 

For an order form please click HERE.

SEG Student Mail 1/12/18

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail.

In this email is an order form for SEG spirit wear.  All of the items and designs were selected by the SEG Student Council with input from their peers.  We hope to have students representing SEG with this awesome warrior wear!  To order, please follow the directions in the BSN order form.  All ordering is web based. 

SEG Student Mail 12/22/17

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SEG Student Mail 12/15/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 


Today’s email contains some information about graduation pictures and diplomas for 8th grade students.  Please complete the form and return it next week.  Additional information about graduation’s date and time will come out shortly after the break.

Also included is a note from Dr. Mark Kuzniewski about the Kindergarten program that will be run at SEG for next school year.  This will be for one year only and is due to construction at Brook Park and SEG.

Don’t forget that next Friday, December 22nd is a 1:00pm dismissal for students.

Please remember to assist the PTO this year when doing your holiday shopping.  You can select them from Amazon Smiles, use the Scrip program for gift cards, or shop at 5 Below so they can share in the sales.  Thank you!

Finally, we hope you can join us on Wednesday or Thursday next week at 6:00pm in the auditorium for our school performance of Elf Junior: The Musical!  Over 70 students have worked on making this a fantastic performance!  See you there!

SEG Student Mail 12/8/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

Please remember that students should arrive at school with coats, gloves and hats as we have now entered the winter season.   We will continue to allow the students who want to go out at recess to do so, as long as they are properly clothed, even in cold weather.  Further, students should be prepared in the morning with those same items as they wait for entry into the building.  We will monitor the weather and bring students in early when warranted, however, that time will not be earlier than 7:45am due to the supervision necessary for 400 students.

Please click HERE to see information provided by the National Weather Service on temperature, wind-chill, and frostbite.   

SEG Student Mail 12/1/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

SEG Student Mail 10/20/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail.

The link above includes many pieces of information from the SEG Parent Teacher Organization about how you can help fundraise and the many events that they have upcoming, such as the Barnes and Noble event, linking your Amazon account to Amazon Smiles so each purchase ties a donation back to the PTO, and the Scrip program!  Please assist them in their fundraising efforts!

SEG Student Mail 11/17/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG Student Mail.


Remember to take the District 95 technology survey if you have not done so already!  Simply click on the following link to take the short survey.  BByt.es/8P7WP


Parent Teacher Conferences conclude on Monday.  They take place from 12pm – 8:00pm.  Students are not in attendance that day.  It was nice to see everyone Thursday on our first day! 


Happy Thanksgiving from the staff of SEG to all of you!  May the holiday be filled with joy, love and family! 

SEG Student Mail 11/10/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail.

Today SEG was honored to host nearly 50 veterans from our school community for an amazing ceremony produced by our dedicated staff and students.  Songs, essays, and student presentations filled the hearts and souls of our school community this morning.   We were happy to thank our veterans for their service and devotion to their country.  Photos and videos will be coming soon on our Facebook page. 


Don’t forget that we have a 1pm dismissal on Thursday, November 16th.  Parent teacher conferences are that evening from 3pm – 8pm and again on Monday, November 20th from 12pm – 8pm.  If you have not yet signed up please turn in your form that went home with your child’s report card. 

SEG Student Mail 11/3/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

SEG Student Mail 10/27/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG Student Mail. 

Don’t forget that tonight is the PTO Halloween dance from 6:30pm – 8:30pm at SEG!  Information about it is once again included in this mailing.  A student leaving early is discouraged, and is only allowed if a parent picks them up. 

Also, students may dress up for Halloween again this year!  This is a tradition we were happy to begin four years ago!  We will hold a costume contest with our faculty judges, and also kick off the season of giving!  On Halloween please have your student bring a nonperishable item to donate to a local food pantry, if you have the ability to give.  This donation will help community members in need. 

Thank you to the students who participated in Fall Project N.I.C.E. in Brookfield last Friday!  The dedication by the students and Mrs. Janetopoulos was fantastic and the work they did was incredibly meaningful to impact the community!  In the spring we hope to have MANY students and staff out working in the community to beautify various locations at Spring Project N.I.C.E!

Please make sure to return your parent teacher conference forms with your student.  They were included in the report card envelope, which is also to be signed and returned as a form of confirmation that you received your child’s reports.  Your child’s homeroom teacher will confirm an appointment time with you via email. 

SEG Student Mail 10/20/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

What an amazing week for the students of SEG!

Our eighth grade students...(click the heading above for the full message)

SEG Student Mail 10/13/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 


(Click on the blue heading for more information this week.)


SEG Student Mail 10/6/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 


Remember to visit SEG's revamped daily homework, classwork and assessment calendars.  This is a great way to begin discussions with your child nightly about what they are doing in class each day. 



SEG Student Mail 9/29/17

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The PTO has partnered with Nothing Bundt Cake for a fundraiser. The flier is included and the PTO wants to make sure that everyone is aware that you can order cakes during the time period our fundraiser runs for future orders you want to put in early.  So order that holiday season cake during our fundraiser and the SEG PTO will get credit for that order and you can pick it up months later!  Thank you to our PTO!

8th grade parents please remember to register for the upcoming Riverside Brookfield High School entrance exam.  I am including this information for a final time in our mailing. 

Another note about RBHS that they would like to share are their procedures for attendance of students at RBHS events.  I am listing them below:

1. All students must arrive with a parent.  Any student without a parent will not be allowed into the game.

2. Student's need to bring their ID cards.

3. If a student leaves the game, they may not return.

4. No backpacks will be allowed in the game.

SEG Student Mail 9/22/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

SEG Student Mail 9/15/17

Click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

SEG Student Mail 9/8/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 

At our most recent Institute Day the teachers of SEG spent time building classroom webpages via Google sites.  SEG continues to move into the use of Google Suite as our platform for technology integration.  We will continue to develop these sites as the year continues, but on teacher webpages you can find information about classes, information about the teacher, and helpful documents for their classes.  We have also updated our homework, classwork, and assessment calendars for the grade levels.  The new format can be more easily seen via computer and mobile device.  On this page you can see what your student did each day in class and hopefully combat the nightly answer of, "I don't know," when you ask what your student did at school that day!  This is also a great way to foster a conversation about what occurs in the classroom.  If you have bookmarked the old pages please delete them.  Recently we have been getting asked by parents for permission to access the old documents, which no longer exist. 

Click Above For More Important Information!

SEG Student Mail 9/1/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail. 


As a reminder, there is no school on Monday, September 4th. 


Have an enjoyable Labor Day weekend!

SEG Student Mail 8/25/17

Please click HERE for the most recent SEG student mail.


Don't forget to join us on Tuesday, August 29th from 6pm - 7:30pm for Curriculum Night!  You will be receiving your student's schedule from them on Monday so please ask your child for it.  Copies will be available upon arrival as well for those that do not receive them from their children.

SEG Eclipse Information

On Monday we have an incredibly exciting event occurring with the solar eclipse.  SEG has worked in partnership with the SEG Parent Teacher Organization and the Brook Park Council to acquire NASA certified viewing glasses.  Thank you to these wonderful organizations!  We will be taking students outside prior to, during, and after totality of the eclipse, for a total of 20 minutes.  Students will be monitored by their teachers and instructed when to look at the eclipse and for how long.  We will only allow viewing for short periods of time lasting no more than 30 seconds at a time.  There are many rules to follow and we want to keep our students safe while offering them this opportunity that has not presented itself since 1918!  Safety is our priority! 

At the end of this email is a link to a viewing form, which must be signed by a parent or guardian in order for a student to participate.  If it is not returned, the student will not participate in the event and instead see a brief documentary focused around the eclipse.  This form will be distributed in science classes on Wednesday.  We ask that you return the form to your child’s homeroom teacher no later then Friday, but the earlier the better! 

Science classes will be taking Friday’s class to go over information about eclipses and the safety requirements that students will have to adhere to in order to participate.  Their homeroom teachers will reiterate safety requirements when students go outside on Monday.

I want to thank you in advance for allowing us this opportunity to teach your student about this amazing natural phenomenon. 



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